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Today the Burbank Dive Club along with Hollywood Divers got in 4 awesome dives at Anacapa and Santa Cruz. Some of the club members drove up to Ventura the night before and the rest of us lazy folks drove up in the morning. It’s tough getting up at 4:30 am to make the drive but then I did get to sleep in my own warm bed the night before. There were however a few stories I am told of an unnamed club member that was snoring so loud that the other divers on board thought the boat had cranked up early and was leaving the harbor. 

NEW! Club Membership Policy Changing
The Burbank Dive Club is changing to a “Calendar Year” renewal policy. In prior years, we have renewed our annual membership dues based upon when we joined the club. Well this is causing a headache for the membership committee. They must remember when everyone joined and bill accordingly. Sometimes we forget. Hence, we are changing the renewal period of the annual dues to coincide with the calendar year end. As such, in the future, memberships will expire on December 31st of each year.

For anyone not already on a calendar year end, there will be a transition period. All previously paid memberships will be honored for their full twelve months. But by December 31, 2006 we will all be on the calendar year end. During the transition period, the short period from when your current membership expires until 12/31/06 will be prorated. For example, if your membership expires in May of 2006, your membership will be prorated for the seven months until December 31, 2006. We will give you the option of paying the short period and the following twelve months until December 31, 2007.

We know this is a change and there may be some confusion, but we believe this will help the club in the long run. We are in the process of calculating what the prorated amounts will be, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Standard Safe Diving Practices
Statement of Understanding
The Burbank Dive Club promotes, adheres to and is a strong supporter of the PADI ‘Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding’ that can be found at the PADI website. You can download a copy of it right here in Word format.

LOOK! New member benefits!
Check the Membership page to see all the great stores where Burbank Dive Club members get discounts!

May 21st Great Escape to Catalina $120, 10% for club rate includes food & air. Call 1-800-diver 94. 6am boarding & 7am departure. Returns 6pm

Wednesday, July 12th meeting

July 16th, Woods Cove, Laguna 8am

July 29th, Great Escape to Catalina backside, $135, Call 1-800-diver 94. 5am boarding & 6am departure. Returns 6pm

Wednesday, August 9th meeting

August 13th, Spectre to Anacapa & Santa Cruz, $90

August 27th, Picnic Beach Beach Dive, Laguna 8am

Wednesday, September 13th meeting

September 17th, Great Escape to San Clemente $147, 1-800-diver 94 returns 6 pm

September 30th, Point Dume Beach Dive, Malibu 8am